SR-1B Service Grant Guidelines


The SR-1B Service Grant was established to provide financial assistance to two lodges to make specific council camp improvements.  Two grants will be given out on an annual basis based upon the availability of funds.  Lodges wishing to receive the grant must fill out an application.  Once applications are received by the Section, a pre-selected group of Arrowman from outside of SR-1B will select a first place and as well as a second place  to receive the grant based upon a standard set of guidelines set forth by the COC. 


There will be two grants awarded. A first place award of $2,000 and a second place award of $1,000.   The Section will announce the grant recipients at that year’s conclave.  The funds will be disbursed after the conclave account is settled for that year.  The lodges will in turn use the grant money to make a specific council camp improvement (as outlined in their application) that will benefit all users of the camp.  Once the project is completed, the lodges should provide a report to the section showing the before and after of the project area. 


Grant Funding

1.  The grant will be funded from the proceeds of the annual Patch Auction conducted at Conclave, from the sale of section merchandise, and from any other sources as directed by the COC.


2.  The COC will hold excess grant funds in reserve to fund any shortfalls in grant revenue. 


3.  In the event that all grant funding has taken place and the account is less than $3000.00, then the section will use funds from the Grant reserve to fund the shortfall.  In the event that the combined funds are less than $3,000, the COC will award the grant for the amount available.    


4.  If the section fails to raise $3000.00 for the grant for two successive years, then the COC may vote to alter the annual amount of the grant to better accommodate the funding capabilities of the section.   



Eligibility Requirements

1.  Lodge must have its Chief and/or Vice Chief present at both the Fall and January COC’s of the same conclave year.


2.  Lodges must contribute to the fundraising process.  Judgment for the contribution made by the lodge can be regulated by the current Section Chief and Adviser.


3. Once the Grant is awarded and accepted, the recipient lodge must report back to the Section leadership a summary report of how the funds were used, including photographs.  This report is due by the following conclave (12 months).   

4. Lodges are encouraged to provide matching funds toward the total cost of the project.





Application Process

1.  Lodges must adhere to the SR-1B Service Fund guidelines.  If needed, due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. hurricanes, et cetera), the COC may alter the guidelines for a specific year. 


2.  All applications must be turned in to the Section Chief by the January COC.  Any application received after that will not be eligible.  If there is no COC meeting in January, the Section Chief will set a due date and notify all COC members of that date.


3.  Any eligible lodge seeking the grant must complete a current SR-1B Service Grant Application.  The application and guidelines must be reviewed and approved by the COC annually.    


Selection Process

1.  The Section Chief will be responsible for appointing the Selection Committee.  The Selection Committee will consist of a minimum of five (5) National Committee Members to include at least 2 of the current youth National Officers.  No members of SR-1B will be allowed to serve on this committee.


2.  Each member of the committee will receive two votes during the selection process.  Based on the criteria established within the SR-1B Service Fund guidelines, the committee will select an first and second place application to receive the grants 


3.  In the event there is a tie among the members of the selection committee, the tie breaker will be decided by the Section Key 3. 


4.  Once the applications have been turned in to the Section Chief, it is the Section Chief’s job to disperse the applications to each member of the selection committee. 


5.  The selection committee should only use the Grant Application to make a decision for which lodges should receive the service grant.  The section chief will keep the “Biography Page” of the application and send a copy of the “Project Description Page” of the application to the selection committee.


6.  All Lodge, Camp, and Council-specific information will be removed from the application BEFORE it is sent to the selection committee members.


Selection Criteria

1.  The selection should be based on the need and total benefits of the project.


2.  The project should benefit all parties of the camp.


3.  All decisions must be based on information contained within the Service Fund Application.


4.  No first place lodge recipient may receive the grant in two consecutive years, But if you are a second place winner you may apply for the grant the next year.   

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