SR-1B Section Resource Team

What is the Section Resource Team? The concept was originally developed by Mr. John Dowe of the Alibamu Lodge to assist sections with various needs they might have.  This program then evolved in to the Lodge Assistance Program, or LAP, which has fallen by the wayside.

While we are relatively small in comparison to other Sections, we are a Section that is rich in talent and abilities, and from time to time, we all need a helping hand.

In the spirit of the Founders, “For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows, greatest”, we have created the Section Resource Team. 

The Section Resource Team, or SRT, will be a small panel of experts/consultants who are very knowledgeable in specific, key areas that will support Lodge operations working more in line of a Commissioner model…there to assist should the need arise.

Rather than a training team, this core group of people will be there for your Lodge to call upon should you need them. They may have specific answers, solutions, or to serve merely as a sounding board for an idea to get some outside input.

In the event that a need arises that would involve every Lodge, the SRT will turn the matter over to the Section Leadership in order to develop a plan on how best to answer the question which may very well result in a training session being developed for a Section Seminar or Conclave by the Section Training Team.

We hope you will take advantage of the talents of our Section in order to develop the best possible program for your Lodges and Councils.

A list of the Section Resource Team will be provided with the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of the team members.


Houston Hartley

SR-1B SRT Chairman

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