Year        Lodge                Location

        2009        Cowikee            Camp Alaflo

        2010        Woa Cholena            Camp Maubila

        2011        Ti’ak                Camp Ti’ak

        2012        Watonala            Camp Seminole

        2013        Yustaga                Camp Euchee

2014        Ashwanchi Kinta        Camp Binachi

2015        Cowikee            Camp Alaflo

2016        Woa Cholena            Camp Maubila

2017 Ti’ak Camp Ti’ak

2018 Watonala Camp Seminole

2019 Yustaga Camp Euchee



The purpose of this information is to recognize and honor SR-1B Arrowmen and their Councils for their record of service to the Order.  If you observe an error and/or an omission in the SR-1B historical information listed above, please notify a member of your section leadership team and it will be corrected/updated.