This Month in OA History..........In September 1922 the BSA held its Biennial National Meetings of Scout executives at the Blue Ridge Assembly near Asheville, North Carolina. During the meeting the Camp Commission released a report that raised concern about fraternal and secret organizations at Scout camps. This report was a direct threat to the continued existence of the Order of the Arrow. Founders Goodman and Edson rose to the defense of the fledgling organization and through their personal lobbying of key members at the conference, including Scout Executive James West, they were able to head off the threat, leading to the Order of the Arrow being named an official experimental program.............On September 13, 1951 the National OA Committee voted to bestow the title of “Honorary National Chief” on Dr. E. Urner Goodman upon his retirement from the BSA.........Minnewasco Lodge in Sault St. Marie, Michigan became the Order's 250th Lodge chartering on September 9, 1943...........In September 1911, E. Urner Goodman became a Scoutmaster, beginning his lifetime service to the BSA.

"Former Section Officers - Where are They Now"

As part of our section communications plan, we are starting a new feature on our Section webpage and Facebook Page highlighting former section officers from Ti’ak, Watonala, Ashwanchi Kinta, Cowikee, Woa Cholena and Yustaga Lodges, no matter what section or when they served. 

No matter how long it has been since we put on our sash, the ties of brotherhood still bind us!

Steven Henry
Yustaga Lodge 385
SR-8B Section Vice Chief 2002-2003
SR-8B Section Chief 2003-2004 TOAP CVC for the
2004 NOAC TOAP Conference Vice Chief

Current OA and Scouting involvement (if any) : 

None. I currently have a 3 year old daughter and a 2 year old son that tie up all of my spare time. I am just waiting for the day that I can put my son Dempsey in Tiger Cubs so he can enjoy the same Scouting experiences that I had. 

Fondest memories of time as section officer and in the OA: 

Without a doubt, my best memories came from visiting all of the lodges on the section visitations. At one visitation, Scotty Keenan and myself were allowed to drive a huge tractor to help in the demolition of a future parking lot in a camp in Georgia (I barely am allowed to use a push mower, so you can figure out why that was just a great, unique experience). Jim Alexander, my section advisor, always made it a point to drive his hemi-fueled minivan and stop at every Steak n Shake for milkshake breaks. I guess, for me, the memories all relate back to the Brotherhood aspect of the OA. There was always fun to be had when visiting lodges for the Section: you got to meet an amazing group of people at their home camp and also got closer with your fellow section officers.

People/places/things/events that had an impact on me while in the OA: 

I would say without a doubt, I definitely made some lifelong friends in the OA. Wade Hartley, who is currently serving as the Section Advisor, was my very first advisor in the OA as a committee chairman. I helped him develop the “dropping the ball” sign… if you haven’t seen it, feel free to forget to do something and he will gladly show it to you! He moved up the advisor ranks at the same time that coincided with my moves up the youth leadership positions. Through those years of service together, I gained a great friend who has taught me to think about all the possible outlooks and not be so near sighted. Also, Scotty Keenan had a huge impact on me. Scotty and I served in Section office together and he was my right hand man when I was Section Chief. He taught me many things and I am so happy to have met him thanks to our Section Officer duties. As for places, there aren’t too many organizations as a youth that allow you to travel the US…. I have been to Philmont through OATC, the Boundary Waters thanks to OAWV. I went to Sea Base in the Keys for a Section Officers meeting and have been to 5 different Universities to experience NOAC. I also got to go to the 1999 National Leadership Summit in Colorado. I have so many memories with different people at different places that I could create a gag reel with hilarious stories and amazing experiences.

What have you done since serving as an officer – school/job/married/children/etc:

Since being an officer, I have graduated college and entered the grown up world. I currently am employed at Sandy Sansing Automotive in Pensacola, Florida where I oversee the accounting functions for 6 different car dealerships. I am happily married to my wife Kimberly of 5 years and have two awesome kids: my 3 year old daughter Emory and my 2 year old son Dempsey. Even though I am not currently involved in Scouts, my love for the outdoors that I found in Scouting hasn’t left me. My family and I make it a point to go camping once a month, even though we cheat a little and sleep in an aluminum teepee.

Words of advice for younger Arrowmen:

Volunteer… So yes, you are volunteering to do work, but I promise you, it will pay off 10-fold. Because I took that initial step as an Ordeal Committee Chairman in Yustaga Lodge, I have had so many doors open up to me. So put your worries aside and get involved! The experiences you have as a youth Arrowman will never be matched if you are a willing and active Arrowman.

“Don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’, you will wait forever. Always take advantage of the time that you’re given.”– Daymond John

I want to publicly recognize the leadership shown by the youth members of our COC yesterday in the decisions that they made to continue the strong tradition of service to our councils and communities. First they voted to continue the section service fund in which a $2000 annual grant is awarded to one of our lodges annually. When the matching amounts from the recipient councils are factored in, almost $36,000 has been provided to improve the camps in our section since 2009. Not bad for the smallest section in the nation! But probably even more significant is that the COC voted for our member lodges to continue the annual One Day of Service even though it is no longer an official program of the Southern Region. Several of our larger lodges break it down among their chapters meaning that by the end of December we will have conducted 10-15 service projects in our communities. The tradition of the annual food drive at Conclave was also continued. In light of the recent flooding in our Sister Section 1A, each Lodge was encouraged to promote and participate in the Southern Region Relief Corps program. But they didn't stop there! A new Conclave Service Project, involving each Conclave delegate in a hands on,personal manner will be added in 2017 benefiting a local charity. Finally, as a section, the decision was made to support the flooding relief through the Scout2Scout initiative. SIGNIFICANT financial support/contribution was approved for the Conclave Service Project and the flood relief initiative. There is no doubt that cheerful service is alive and well in SR-1B, both inward looking to our member councils but outward looking to the world around us! I have said it before and I'll say it again - I'll match our section up against any in the country! Great job and thank you to each member of the COC for the examples that you set.

These are the guys that make it all happen!! Today we had our COC meeting in Mobile, Alabama to discuss the 2017 Section Seminar and Section Conclave! We are all looking forward to two incredible events. Big thanks to Woa Cholena for hosting us and to Hargrove Engineering for allowing us to use there office for our meeting! We hope to see you all of you at Section Seminar and Conclave!!

Congrats! Lodge Chief of Yustaga Lodge Jacob Somers accepting the Southern Region of the Order of the Arrow "We Support Camping" Award from SR-1B Section Adviser Wade Hartley at the Council of Chief's meeting in Mobile, Alabama today.

-Don't forget bout NLS!- 

 "The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is a weekend conference focusing on the skills and characteristics of leadership. It is intended primarily to enhance the leadership skills of the Order of the Arrow’s key youth and adult members, as they seek to improve their service to the Boy Scouts of America and the greater community." 

NLS near us will be on November 11-13 at Shocco Springs Conference Center in Talladega, Alabama The Cost is $210.00 and you must register by October 28th! 

Click Button Below for more info!

This weekend your Section Officers took part in the Section Officers Seminar at Camp Beckwith in Fairhope, Alabama. Was a great learning experience for all of those who attended.

I would like to thank Watonala Lodge for allowing me to come fellowship with them this weekend! We played Olympic games and enjoyed incredible food from around the world. I hope to see everyone at Conclave and Section Seminar!

Jerry Hand
Section Chief

Would like to wish a HUGE happy birthday to our Section Associate Advisor Mark Norris! We appreciate all you do and hope that you have an incredible birthday!

This Month in OA History -- Franklin Roosevelt was inducted into the Order of the Arrow in 1933. E.Urner Goodman kept the Vigil in 1915. George Chapman, who become the first Chief of the Wimachtendienk, was inducted into the Order on 1915. The OA official website launched in 1998. Arrowcorps5 concluded in 2008. The Elangomat program was officially adopted as part of the Ordeal in 1981. The first OA Handbook was published in 1948.

"If its not broke, don't fix it"

That is a quote that we have heard hundreds of times from Scouts, our parents, and our friends. Well this past week at the incredible NEXT conference we learned to step out and try new things. As leaders we must Innovate and learn that even tho things are not broke, they're no perfect either. We must take the things that we have been given and work hard each and every day to make them better and better.

Most all of the youth in the SR-1B went back to school either this week or will be going back to school shortly. We wish all of you guys the best of luck as you guys are starting a new school year or a new chapter in life. Work hard, Study and always ask yourself "whats NEXT?"

"I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: Try to please everybody." 

-Herbert Swope

The NEXT conference has officially begun! People in Lodges all over America have travelled to Indiana State University in order to attend this conference. The basis of this conference is to plan and perfect the NEXT Century of the Order of the Arrow. We look forward to what this week has in store and more pictures will be coming SOON!

Happy Birthday to our Section Chief Jerry Hand!!

Thank you for all you do for the Mighty 1B!

We hope your day is great!


 "A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent." --Douglas MacArthur

Hello!  This past weekend me and Peyton our Section Secretary traveled to Ashwanchikintas Ordeal/Fellowship. They added 11 new members to our wonderful organization. They also did multiple games like capture the flag and several different board games. Just showing the cheerful spirit of brotherhood. I would like to thank Ashwanchikinta for allowing us to come to there event! I hope to see all of you at Section Seminar and Conclave! 



Jerry Hand

Section Chief